Indian Massage Melbourne, Victoria

Indian massage is a term used frequently for abhyanga ayurvedic massage. Ayurvedic massage performed in the traditional Kerala style is an Ayurwoman specialty.

Have you experienced the world’s most ancient and holistic health care regimen? Ayurwoman Ayurveda Clinic Melbourne for women specialises in Indian Massage, which is an ancient form of healing used to quieten the mind, reduce tension, soothe muscle pain, and restore balance to the body. An ayurvedic oil massage can help get your life energies back in balance. Massage is one important step that we offer in treating a disease, and also works as a standalone body detoxification restoring wholeness and harmony to your mind and body, while enjoying a highly beneficial massage.

Indian Massage Melbourne

We understand that the physical, mental, and emotional stress of everyday life can cause tension and can tighten muscles in your body. Don’t put up with unnecessary pain. We have a solution that not only manages symptoms but also treats the root cause.

Experience the eastern culture via an Indian Massage in Melbourne. Let ancient Ayurveda philosophies be your first choice for treating health and beauty issues, or let it work as a complementary therapy to assist you in your recovery. We offer natural remedies that are gentler on the body which treat the whole body and not just your symptoms. Correct your body’s imbalance and treat your ailments in a sustainable way.

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurwoman understands that each client has a unique situation when they approach us for Ayurvedic Massage and Ayurveda treatments. We select the most suitable techniques and programs to suit your individual health and situation based on a detailed analysis of Ayurveda body types or an Ayurveda dosha analysis.

Massage is an extremely important part of the holistic Ayurveda Therapy. Ayurwoman doesn’t just massage in the way that traditional Western techniques do massage. We focus on detoxification through our techniques that target specific areas of the body, depending your ayurvedic body type. Herbal ayurvedic remedies are also incorporated during the process to naturally treat health and beauty issues. We use a customised blend of warm oils and herbs to gently restore balance.

People who tend to benefit most from an Ayurvedic Massage are those who are experiencing high levels of anxiety and stress. A number of different programs and treatments can be used to combat this issue, with great success. Have you been working long hours, having trouble sleeping or relaxing, or are experiencing muscle tenseness and pain? You can restore balance and detoxify your system today with Ayurvedic Massage.

Indian Massage in Melbourne, Victoria

Stay healthy and prevent disease. Visit Ayurwoman today to get an evaluation of your health and go back to getting the most out of your life with an Indian Massage in Melbourne, Victoria. Our clinic also offers a comprehensive range of ayurvedic treatments and we specialise in female health problems. We look forward to sharing our knowledge, skills and treatments with you.