Home remedies for Hair Growth

Ayurveda is a new and hot trend that is gaining immense popularity. Home remedies for hair growth borrowed from Ayurveda are increasingly adopted by many. Ayurveda has always been around, but it is just lately that we are following it as the remedy of choice. Ayurvedic treatment remedies solve issues in a holistic fashion. They approach the problem from inside and not just from outside.

Ayurveda is useful in treating various health issues – common as well as serious. Well, as a matter of surprise for many, Ayurveda is a conventional practice that contains incredible power-packed health secrets to fight off many diseases. Let us see how we can care for our hair with some simple and easy to use home remedies.

Hair Falling out

Of all the health issues, healthy and beautiful hair is the dream of every female, irrespective of their age. Ayurveda provides extensive and well-structured treatments for hair care especially hair falling out. Studies conducted provide compelling reasons for excessive hair fall and the various ways to reverse it thus leading to consistent hair growth.

As stated by Ayurvedic practitioners, the hair type is related directly to the body type. They are classified systematically into categories of Pitta, Vata, and Kapha.  These hair types have features of their own which indicate reasons for health or lack of health of hair.

As per Ayurvedic theory, the primary cause of hair loss is excessive Pitta Dosha in the body. And, pitta increases in the body due to excessive intake of tea, coffee, alcohol, smoking, spicy and acidic food, fried food, and hot climatic conditions.

Home Remedies for hair growth

Growing number of people consider Ayurveda as a completely safe and inexpensive method for hair care and other hair related issues. Ayurvedic home remedies provide 100% results if used in early stages of hair fall.

Try these home remedies for hair growth, hair care and a healthy and beautiful hair forever.


Bhringaraja is counted as one of the best Ayurvedic treatments for hair loss and hair rejuvenation. Bhringaraaja is also referred not only as the “King of Herbs” but also as the “King of Hair.”  Bhringaraja has this repute due to its incredible power to reverse baldness and in preventing grey hair. Thus Bhringaraja has a prime role in many home remedies for hair growth.

Consume Bhringaraja internally or use it for head massage.

Another popular remedy is applying Bhringaraja paste on the head. Soak Bhringaraaja herb in water overnight. Make a paste of this soaked herb and use on hair.

Leave this paste to work for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with fresh water or have a head bath. This head pack would strengthen not only the hair follicles but also will enhance the hair growth.


The scientific name for Brahmi is Bacopa monnieri. Besides working as an agent for hair growth, Brahmi provides numerous other health benefits as well. It performs as a brain tonic, enhances memory, improves concentration and alertness. Brahmi is also known to promote healthy skin.

For improved hair growth, massage the scalp with Brahmi Oil to energize and strengthen the hair follicles. This head massage would increase the blood circulation and may help in promoting hair growth. You can also use it in the form of a hair pack prepared with curd. Brahmi oil head massage is a well-known remedy for dandruff.


Amla is also known as Indian gooseberry. Amla contains numerous vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is also rich in vitamin C. Amla works like a hair tonic with all these nutrients packed in it. It makes the hair healthier and stronger. Regular use also Amla prevents the occurrence of dandruff and reduces the chance of hair greying.

Prepare this great hair pack using Amla Powder, Brahmi powder, henna in equal measures mixed in natural yogurt. Apply it over the scalp and let it work for a couple of hours. This hair pack would strengthen the hair follicles.


Ritha has different names like Boondi Kottai, Ritha, soap nuts, and Kumkudukaya. This Ayurvedic herb provides amazing benefits for skin and hair, especially dandruff. Furthermore, this herb is a hair promoter, cleanser, and strengthens the hair follicles thus promoting hair growth.

Crush about ten nuts after removing their outer cover. Crush and soak overnight in half a litre of water. Next morning, strain the water and use it to wash your hair. Practice this remedy for about a month to get amazing results. Another option is to massage its powder on the scalp followed by a cold rinse for shining and healthy hair.


The fenugreek seed, also known as Methi, is one of the most effective Ayurvedic remedies to have shiny and healthy hair. Prepare a mixture of 2tsp fenugreek seeds (Methi), 3tsp soap nuts, 2tsp green gram, fresh lemon juice (extracted from 1 lemon), and 15 curry leaves. Grind all these ingredients altogether. Use this mix as a herbal shampoo replacement.


Ashwagandha ( Withania Somnifera ) shows significant benefits on the body, especially in domains like physical, mental, and emotional aspects. Hair loss can also be a result of a weakened immune system. Ashwagandha is an amazing immunity booster as well as vigor. Moreover, it also helps reduce stress, thus strengthening the hair follicles.


Neem, also known as Margosa, has the qualities to make your hair lustrous, silky, and shining black. Boil a cup of Margosa leaves in 4 cups of water for about 10 minutes. Then, strain the mixture and allow it to cool. Use this mixture to rinse your hair. Alternatively, you can also apply Margosa oil at night and wash it off with fresh water in the morning.

Banyan Tree

Take a small portion of banyan tree root and grind it. Now, add some fresh lemon juice to it. Apply this mixture over the scalp as a remedy to prevent hair fall.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are nutrient packed. They contain elements like cal and magnesium. Sesame seeds are a good add or topping for your breakfast cereal.  Magnesium and calcium are known to support hair growth.

Besides the home remedies mentioned for hair growth, it is also important to modify your diet. Practice an ayurvedic diet matching your dosha type. Practice a healthy relaxation regimen like yoga or meditation to relieve stress and improve hair growth. Drink as much water as possible. Eat healthily, stay healthy!