Lyme disease treatment in Ayurveda

Lyme disease treatment can be managed very well in Australia using ayurvedic medicines and ayurveda treatment protocols. Ayurveda considers lyme disease as caused due to an external toxin. So, in Ayurveda lyme disease treatment revolves around cleanse and detoxification. It is a customised cleanse therapy suitable to an individual’s ayurvedic body type (dosha) and the progression of the disease.

Lyme disease treatment

Lyme disease treatment – an ayurvedic protocol

After an initial consultation, your practitioner will design a treatment plan customised to your situation.

Selection of the treatment approach, duration of the treatment and combinations of ayurvedic medicines and an ayurvedic diet will dependent on:

  • Body constitution / dosha combination of the individual
  • Nature and stage of the lyme disease
  • Age of the individual
  • Other existing conditions like diabetes, hypertension etc.

Ayurveda classifies lyme disease as being caused by external toxins. Thus different types of detoxification  is the main ayurvedic Lyme disease treatment. A panchakarma therapy is essential to start the lyme disease treatment. Kindly visit our panchakarma specific page for a detailed understanding of steps involved in cleanse and detox. Abhyanga is the main preparatory procedure of panchakarma. This will be followed by purgation therapies.

Other therapies such as nasya will be included in the treatment plan if required and will depend on  the specific condition of an individual. Vasthi treatments ( internal cleansing ) are the final and major treatment for removing toxins.

This plan is only rough and an indicative one. This plan will be thoroughly customised to meet the specific individual situation.

Acute Lyme disease

Acute symptoms are due to bacteria(spirochete) which are inflammatory in nature. Thus, ayurvedic treatments revolve around managing this inflammatory tendency.

Chronic Lyme disease

Chronic symptoms of are due to autoimmunity. Lyme disease treatments will be based on specific bodily system involved and the related immune modulators involved.

Co existence of other bacteria makes Lyme disease more complex. However, step by step therapies combined with a specific Ayurvedic diet can keep the inflammation in check and will speed up  the healing process.

Ayurvedic medicine for lyme disease

Ayurvedic medicines consumed in isolation have limited efficacy in lyme disease treatment. They have to be taken in conjunction with cleansing therapies. Pace of ayurvedic medicines ( or dosage) will be prescribed by the practitioner and will be in line with type and progression of cleansing therapies.

Your ayurvedic practitioner will specify appropriate ayurvedic preparations which will mostly be combinations from the following category of ayurvedic medicines:

  • Ayurvedic herbal combinations with strong anti-toxic properties ( such as vilwadi tablets )
  • Ayurvedic preparations with anti-microbial properties ( neem, haritaki, haridra etc.)
  • Classical ayurvedic products with neurotoxic properties

These herbal combinations have a synergistic effect on the human body but one has to keep in mind that these products are not the DIY type. Please consult an ayurvedic practitioner who can suggest the type of medicine suitable to your body type and disease.

Ayurvedic diet

A strict ayurvedic diet is essential to support ayurvedic Lyme disease treatment. Following is only a very broad guideline. Each individual will receive a tailored diet plan suiting their severity of their condition, their body type and also the stage of treatment they are in.

  • Increase intake of foods with anti-inflammatory properties ( ginger, turmeric )
  • Increase foods that have anti-oxidant properties ( green tea )
  • Increase vegetables especially dark coloured vegetables ( beetroots, carrots, green leaves, kale etc.)
  • Step up consumption of immune boosting herbs such as garlic

What is Lyme disease ?

Borrelia infection and its toxins cause abnormalities in skin, digestive system, joints, heart and nervous system.  In an Ayurveda view, these toxins have the opposite effect to the essence of life ingredients ( ojas ) that provide human body with immunity, longevity and good overall proper health.

As per Ayurveda, there are three types of toxins based on their type of origin:

  • Animal origin
  • Plant origin
  • artificial origin ( or man-made)

Toxins of Lyme disease causing bacteria are from Borreliosis and fall under the first group of animal origin.

Lyme disease causing bacteria colonise almost all tissues ( dhatus ) of the human body. They may even remain dormant for  a very long time. Due of these bacteria’s unique shape, they penetrate easily through human tissues. These bacteria have a thick protective sheath of protein. Antibiotics may sometimes fail to break this sheath. This protection against antibiotic medicines is one of the challenges of antibiotic treatment.

In case of chronic Lyme disease dormant and long-standing toxins may affect almost all systems of an affected person. It can affect the immune system, musculoskeletal system and nervous system.

Lyme Disease Treatment Melbourne

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