Oil Pulling Benefits

Oil pulling is an ancient ayurvedic oil therapy that many believe will help them in improving their health in many different ways. Proponents believe oil pulling has far reaching benefits, not only for teeth and gums but also for the whole body fabric. Many holistic practitioners recommend its use for solving variety of health issues.

Beauty, health and fitness have always been main concerns for human beings since the very birth of Adam on this planet of Earth. Man has always been in search of different ways, methods and techniques to keep him health and fit. This search led him to explore different innovative techniques especially in past when there were no ultramodern medical facilities and we had to depend on traditional resources.

This is one of those traditional and ancient techniques that people are now following increasingly in their search to keep themselves fit and healthy. This method that has its connections with Ayurveda. Modern day oil pulling has been derived from the well documented and widely used ayurvedic therapy known as gandoosham.

Dr. F. Karach first introduced oil-pulling therapy into the modern world in 1992 and claimed that Oil pulling could cure a number of diseases including headaches, diabetes mellitus, asthma, acne, migraines, whitening teeth etc.

How to do “Oil Pulling” ?

Oil pulling is a very simple technique and can be done very easily. In fact, Oil pulling therapy is one of the easiest therapy that we can do even at home or in your kitchen, while cooking or in your bedroom while reading newspaper.

You can start with one spoon of oil. Try experimenting with different amounts until you get the most comfortable amount of oil. Sesame oil is the oil of choice used in ayurvedic preparations for a variety of reasons.

Pour one-tablespoon sesame oil into your mouth and hold it there. Keep in mind that you should do it in morning and your stomach must be empty before doing oil pulling.

Now swish the sesame oil into your mouth for a while and remember not to swallow. There are no hard and fast rules as to how long you should do this but a widely followed duration is for about 20 minutes.

Keep it moving into your mouth and through your teeth just like you do mouth washing for at least twenty minutes and then spit the oil into some trash.

After this, rinse your mouth with warm salt water (recommended) or just clean it thoroughly.

You are done.

Now repeat this oil therapy every morning.

Oil pulling cannot hurt

There is debate about hard evidence or lack of controlled trials and statistical evidences whether oil pulling has real medical benefits or is it just a fad or even a placebo. In reality oil pulling cannot hurt. It can well be a replacement to mouth wash using synthetic cleaners. This is effectively washing one’s mouth with pure and natural vegetable oil. Best way is to experience it oneself.

Perceived benefits of Oil Pulling

There is lot of documentation on the web about miracles of oil pulling which are yet to be verified. However, we are sure about one thing that you will feel a lot of freshness in your mouth after oil pulling. It is not at all unpleasant. What are the longer term benefits ? Kindly let us know once you practice this technique for a few weeks.