Ayurveda Consultation

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: $ 90

Our practitioner will use this as an opportunity to understand in detail your health issue or concern.

Our Ayurveda consultations start with a detailed conversation about your daily routine. In this conversation, your practitioner will take your detailed medical history, examine your pulse, tongue, eye and skin. Your Ayurvedic practitioner may also ask you specific questions about your lifestyle, daily routine, allergies and dietary habits. Practitioner will then make a proper diagnosis based on this examination and other details gathered from you.

We will then suggest a treatment plan for your consideration and agreement.

You will also receive a personalised ayurvedic diet chart for everyday use.

Personalised Diet Chart

Complementary with consultation

Since an ayurvedic diet is catalytic to any Ayurvedic treatment, you will receive a complete diet chart. This diet chart will suggest things be reduced or entirely avoided and also the ones to increase. Ayurvedic diet is not at all complex. Ayurvedic diet is that diet which is compatible with your ayurvedic body type or dosha type and will be inline with your treatment plan. While following an ayurvedic diet is important, it is also of utmost importance to avoid food that is incompatible with each other. Your Ayurvedic practitioner will explain all the details of Ayurvedic diet and food compatibility to you.

Ayurvedic Treatment – Abhyanga Therapeutic Massage

Duration – 60 minutes, Cost – $100
Duration – 90 minutes, Cost – $ 120

Abhyanga is the traditional Ayurvedic therapeutic full body oil massage. We have a dedicated page on Abhyanga where we explain Abhyanga’s theory and its therapeutic benefits. Abhyanga is normally performed as part of a larger treatment plan. If you are looking for a relaxation treatment, a stand alone Abhyanga massage is a good option.

We chose the right kind of therapeutic oil matching your body type. For that, every stand alone Abhyanga is preceded by a thorough body analysis.

Ayurvedic Treatment – Shirodhara

Ayurvedic Treatment – Shirodhara
Duration – 60 minutes
Cost: $ 100 ( SesameOil) / $ 120 ( Medicated Oil )

A steady stream of oil is let to flow on to the forehead in a specific pattern. For best results from Shirodhara, one should use medicated ayurvedic oils. Ayurvedic oils should match your dosha type and it is best to use an oil that is compatible with the prevalent season. So, for best results, your practitioner will assess your body type and will recommend the right oil for you.

Shirodhara like many other Ayurvedic treatments are normally done as part of larger treatment regimes. However, you may choose to do a Shirodhara as a stand-alone treatment. A standalone Shirodhara treatment is very beneficial if you feel need to be de stressed. It is a very relaxing treatment and can calm your nervous system too.

To know more about theory behind Shirodhara and its potential benefits, read through our page dedicated to Shirodhara.

Ayurvedic Treatment – Abhyanga & Shirodhara

Duration – 2 Hours
Cost: $ 190 ( SesameOil) / $ 220 ( Medicated Oil )

In this package, we combine a Abhyanga and Shirodhara treatment.

Ayurvedic Treatment – Nasya

Duration – 30 minutes
Cost – $ 50

Nasya is instilling oil (mostly) through nasal passage.

It is better to prepare the sinus area by doing steam inhalation for a short while prior to performing Nasya.  Nasya procedure is then performed by instilling medicated oil into nostrils. Ayurveda theory considers nasal passage as a gateway to our head area. SO, for proper absorption of nasya oil, lie down in posture so that oil flows down the nasal passage gravitationally.

Nasya has a variety of uses. Nasya can be done not only with oil but also with a range of medicinal products. Your practitioner will the right kind of Nasya based on your treatment plan.

Ayurvedic Treatment – Vasthi

Duration – Depends on the type of Vasthi
Cost – Varies

Vasthi is sometimes also referred to as Vasti or Basti.

Your practitioner will recommend the right type pf Vasthi treatment suitable for your condition. Each Vasthi is different and so the time and cost may also vary.

Ayurvedic Treatment – Kati Vasthi

Duration – 60 minutes
Cost – $ 100

Kati Vasthi means doing Vasthi treatment in the Kati area. Kati means our lower back region. Vasthi means a small reservoir or compartment. Vasthi is either made of natural ingredient (black gram dough) or artificially factory made our rubber and heat resistant plastic.

At Ayurwoman, we make single use vasthi oil reservoir with black gram dough.

In Kati Vasthi treatment, patient lies down on the massage table face down. Therapist then builds a small reservoir in ring shape at the lower back area.  This oil reservoir ring built around lumbo-sacral and sacro-iliac joint areas. Mildly warm medicated oil is poured and pooled in this reservoir. Oil in this reservoir is continuously taken out, reheated and poured back in. This recycling is repeated for the treatment duration.

Practitioner decided the duration of the treatment which is normally about sixty to ninety minutes.

Ayurvedic treatment – Udhwarthanam

Duration – 90 minutes
Cost – $ 130

Udwarthanam is another type of therapeutic Ayurveda massage. Its principles, method and ingredients are slightly different to that of abhyanga massage. This is a deep tissue format massage using herbal powders and a variety of natural ayurvedic ingredients. Composition of the udwarthanam mix will depend on the patient’s body type and the condition being treated.  Your practitioner will recommend this therapy if they feel it is required for your specific situation. Udhwarthanam is a sought after ayurvedic treatment for weight loss.