“Tania Wilson Box Hill”

Hot Flushes

I went to see Jyothi because i was experiencing hot flushes, i had already seen a homeopath and naturopath to no avail. After only a week i stopped having the flushes and they haven’t returned. As a result of the medicines she gave me I sleep better, my indigestion is better, and i also feel alot more calm, balanced and happy. Jyothi is very caring and knowledgeable, she is very affordable. I recommend her to all my friends.


I wish to express my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to you for your exceptional specialist knowledge and wisdom of Ayurveda.
When I first came to see you (end April 2013), I was ‘riddled’ with ‘disease’: severe endometriosis, functional bowel disease, auto immune disease and various mental health disorders.
Today (September 2013) I am a new woman! By following the custom designed program you prepared for me, together with your caring support, I have achieved results I never imagined possible.
The severe symptoms I suffered from endometriosis and bowel disease have all but disappeared. A blood test taken this month is evidence of the significant transformation; I am very fertile and my hormones are in balance.
I no longer suffer from bloating, cramps, irregular bleeding, bowel symptoms, pelvic pain and associated mood fluctuations.
You are a blessed and gifted healer – thank you so much Jyothi


“MW, Caulfield”

Lichen Planus

Dear Jyothi,
Thanks so much for your skilled help over these many months. I appreciate it so much. When I first came to you with my auto-immune skin condition called Lichen Planus, I was quite anxious over the implications for my future and troubled by symptoms affecting key aspects of my body, particularly the lips and mouth. Not only did you locate the source of the problem but you also gave sound dietary advice and effective medication, so that now I am scarcely troubled at . Added to that, you provided medication which quickly dealt with a long-standing cholesterol problem. So many thanks,


I would like to thank Dr.Jyothi for healing my son. He was diagnosed with Vitiligo about 4 years ago when he was just a five year old boy. We sought medical help from various western and eastern medical practitioners in Melbourne and Sri Lanka, but my son did not get better. He had to take different kinds of tablets, syrups and use different ointments. We took him to one doctor after the other because none of them could make him better and the condition seemed to worsen with every passing day. By the time we returned to Melbourne we searched on the internet and came across Dr.Jyothi’s website which seemed to offer more promise than the others. After we started medication from Dr.Jyothi my son was completely healed within 3 months. Our sincere thanks to Dr.Jyothi for healing our son who is now 9yrs old. I would like to recommend Dr. Jyothi to anyone who has this kind of skin condition!!!!! Thank you so much Dr.Jyothi!!!!

“Ms G, Melbourne”

“Mrs B Kennedy, Melbourne”

Overall health and wellbeing

Dr Jyothi Menon, I cannot thank you enough for sharing your knowledge, expertise and genuine care which you have given me as an Ayurveda practitioner.
I have been going to Dr Jyothi’s clinic since May 2013 and continue to do so, to improve my health and well-being in general. In particular Dr Jyothi has been treating me for weight loss, sinus, headaches, arthritis, insomnia, digestion, skin improvement and a few other menopause related health issues.
I have received “Shirodhara” treatment several times, along with the right balance of prescribed herbs, tonics, and easy home remedies. The overall affect has been phenomenal. I feel more energetic, calm and learning to flow with life.
Dr Jyothi Menon has a warm and kind approach when discussing any health and well-being concerns. Her holistic approach to healing is very comforting and encouraging. I have become more aware and responsible in looking after my health and well-being.
Thank you Dr Jyothi, I salute you!

Back pain, Sciatica

Jyothi Menon is a practitioner of Ayurveda medicine whose services I would highly recommend. I consulted her for sciatica due to a spinal cyst which the neurosurgeon advised might lead to spinal surgery.
I consulted Dr Jyothi from August until October and during that time she worked with Ayurvedic herbs and an array of Ayurvedic treatments including massage, hot oil treatments and traction, all of which helped to relieve my pain. Since all her advice and treatment has been followed up by results. I highly recommend her treatments as being extremely effective.
Dr jyothi is also a thoroughly knowledgeable, caring, affirming and trustworthy practitioner and I have no hesitation in recommending her services.

“LL Melbourne University Lecturer”

“D. Dandenong”

Poly Cystic Ovary Disease and Type 2 Diabetes

I was diagnosed as PCOS and diabetic type 2 In march 2013. I was so disappointed about it and discussed with some of friends when one of my friend suggested Ayurvedic treatment is the best cure. So I googled to see if there is any Ayurvedic centre closer to me and I found Doctor jyothi’s in Glen Huntly. I called and booked and appointment in early April. Doctor Jyothi recommended some medication which I have been using for about 5 months now. It’s really effective and I got my period back regularly within a month and my body weight dropped up to 8kg in 4 months. My blood sugar level is quite normal. I’m so excited and energetic. Besides I have been doing walking and yoga to reduce my weight. Doctor Jyothi is guiding me and taking good care of my health and solving my doubts from time to time. Thanks to Dr. Jyothi

Hormone imbalance, lack of energy

I would like to share my very positive experience with Dr Jyothi in helping me in a time of need. With great consultations and the wonderful new world (to me) of Ayurvedic medicine. I was able to re-balance my hormones which can effect all aspects of life. Thank you very much, and I will be using Ayurvedic practice before any other type in the future, for that holistic care that usually gets lost in other practice’s.

Name withheld

Name Withheld


I am a 44 year old mum of 4 boys. I was having trouble staying asleep at night, I had poor digestion and most recently some mild anxiety. When I mentioned the anxiety to my GP, she immediately suggested a course of mild anxiety medication. For a second opinion, I sought out Jyothi Kunnatheri’s advice because I instinctively felt that I needed to address the balance of my body rather than treating the symptoms of an imbalanced one.
Jyothi’s manner is very genuine and empathetic, whilst being highly professional and thorough. She listens, takes time, and explains everything. The course of treatment we pursued was gradual but systematic, deep and holistic. I began by taking ayurvedic medication to cleanse the system; then underwent a series of hot oil treatments, complemented by restorative medications suited to my particular system. At the same time Jyothi guided me through various lifestyle modifications including, but not limited to sleep, diet, exercise and timeliness.
Within a week or two I began to feel distinctively calmer, was sleeping better and my stomach was no longer bloated. My friends commented on how clear and glowing my skin was – I hadn’t noticed. By the end of the hot oil treatments I was noticing a change in my thought patterns. I felt very grounded and stable and of course the energy in our home changed too as I had many more resources – patience, empathy etc., to give my kids.
I don’t believe in magic cures. I didn’t expect that I could take something to eliminate all the issues I was having without making any changes myself. There are times when I feel I lose my balance a bit – school holidays, family occasions… I don’t make the time to exercise, I forget to drink enough water, go to bed late etc.
However, when used in conjunction with changes that I can make myself, Jyothi’s treatment is very far reaching and powerful. What was interesting to me was that by bringing the body into better balance, I could access other aspects of myself I had never experienced. I think I was accustomed to believing that I could ‘fix’ problems by talking them through, working them out in my mind. But I have seen now how ayurveda, with a highly trained and skilled doctor like Jyothi, can make changes on many levels without one realising, and affect both the more material aspects of body and the subtleties of mind very significantly.

Anxiety and Depression

Came to ‘Ayurwoman’ with symptoms of anxiety and depression, and for the past month I have followed the program of ayurvedic herbs and dietary adaptations as recommended Jyothi. In this time my mood has stabilised considerably and I feel a sense of mental & physical strength & resilience developing, and am able to look toward the future with optimism. I have found the ayurvedic treatment plan to be an invaluable support to my recovery.
Best wishes,

J M, Tasmania

K. Morgan, Melbourne

Teenager – stress and headache

Dear Jyothi,
Thank you for checking on us…Vicky is doing very well….she started off taking all the medicine and drinking the tea for about ten days…then we had visitors for a week and consequently forgot all about it:(
She is back taking it since Saturday….BUT: you have made such a difference to her life and I wanted to thank you very very much…..just by talking to her about how she “could do anything she puts her mind to” and how you told her about the positives of moving around…
She has mad the decision to do that….she is so positive and she often tells me that she can do anything she puts her mind to … Like she swallowed the tablets …. It was such a great experience for her…for the very first time she has managed to swallow a tablet:) Her headaches have mostly gone … We have been doing yoga 2 a week and she continues doing the neck rolling exercises every now and then ….
So, thank you very much again, and I will encourage her to take the rest of the tablets and drink the tea….and I will be in touch.

Hypothyroidism and Lack of Energy

I commenced Ayurvedic treatment with Jyothi in February 2012. At that time I was about to turn 52 years of age. I was menopausal, not having had a period for 18 months or so. I was overweight and lethargic. I knew my Thyroid function was also sluggish, that is, I was slightly Hypothyroid. I was at times experiencing hot flushes, insomnia and quite low mood states. Mostly my muscles and joints ached.
Jyothi commenced me on her medicines and they were mostly (from what I can recall ) to help or support my Thyroid function, to relieve my muscle aches and to help my general low mood.
I can report that within just a short time my aches and pains had abated. This was a great relief for me and I realised, especially now in retrospect,that they had been quite debilitating. I started to sleep better, my hot flushes disappeared and haven’t returned (thank goodness for that) and my mood slowly started to improve. It is now November 2012 and I have continued with the Ayurvedic medicines under the watchful eye of Jyothi. I feel now much better than I have for a very long time.
I am cycling up tro 30 – 60 km at least 4 times a week and obviously have much more energy. Slowly my weight starts to shift just a little.

M N, Heidelberg

M G, Cheltenham

Insomnia, Stress

Dear Dr Menon,
when I first came to see you I had difficulty sleeping and felt drained throughout the day. Now after only a few weeks I am sleeping soundly and waking up very refreshed. I have more energy in the day. I also have a condition were my gum are inflamed and very sensitive to touch, again the herbs you prescribed have made my gums less sensitive. I feel that they will only continue to improve and strengthen. Thank you so much for your help and your very caring nature.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Hello Jyothi,
I have been very well thank you except for the last two days, and have come down with a heavy cold.
My digestive functions have been much better overall, with the herbs and keeping away from wheat. No bloating and diarrhoea. My energy level is great.I am eating more rice, mostly gluten free bread and for breakfast, porridge made from oats and rice flakes.

A. B, Ballarat

N. S Melbourne

Overweight and High Cholesterol

Hi Dr Jyothi,
Sorry that I didn’t write to you earlier. I did my blood test two weeks ago and it has gone down to 5. And also I have lost weight as well. So all good. I am getting ready to go overseas.
Thank you very much for all your help. I have your contact details I will get in touch with you. I want try out one of your herbal massages.
Thank you once again.

Arthritis and Cholesterol

After just some weeks with the tablets i think my cholesterol went down and for sure my arthritis is much much better. The swelling and the redness over bones as well as the pain went away.

N.S, Brighton


VIN 3 ( Vulval Intraepithelial Neoplasia )

I wish to record my resounding support of, and high praise for Dr Jyothi’s work as an Ayurvedic doctor. She has effectively healed my many physical health problems, after many years of no help through western medicine, and this includes, very importantly, vulvar cancer, a bowel-bladder fistula, and Lichen Sclerosis.
I was diagnosed with VIN3 in December 2011. My gynaecology oncologist told me that full-blown vulvar cancer would manifest within the next year, if not sooner, given the lead time from the first onset of symptoms (Lychen Sclerosis). The only option I was given was to have at least a partial vulvectomy. I told him that I would be following an Ayurvedic diet, and Ayurvedic treatments.
During a lengthy stay in Melbourne over a few months, and after much careful research, I found Dr Jyothi, and started seeing her. I was drawn to Dr Jyothi because of her interest and specialty in Ayurveda in the treatment of women’s health issues.
Dr Jyothi’s extensive knowledge and experience in Ayurvedic medicine was evident immediately. Dr Jyothi has a compassionate and caring nature, and she explores beyond the obvious and complicated physical symptoms of my health issues. I am no longer staying in Melbourne, and Dr Jyothi has been working with me via emails and phone-calls. Just one year from first seeing Dr Jyothi, the vulvar cancer symptoms no longer occur, my bowel-bladder fistula has completely healed, and ten years of severe bowel problems following the original bowel surgery, have also been corrected.
I cannot recommend Dr Jyothi and her Ayurvedic treatments highly enough.

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