Ayurvedic Practitioner

Ayurvedic practitioner Jyothi has been practicing Ayurveda for about twenty years, and the bulk of that has been as an Ayurvedic Practitioner in Melbourne.  In her patient care, she emphasizes the importance of an Ayurvedic way of living and following an Ayurvedic diet based on individual dosha type. She excels in designing custom treatment plans (herbal and panchakarma) based on people’s individual needs. After studying in India and then practicing both in Australia and India, this has given her the gift of being faithful to the purity of Ayurvedic knowledge while understanding its application in the western world.

What is Ayurvedic Treatment

Visiting Ayurwoman for Ayurvedic treatments is just like visiting any other healthcare professional. We start with an interview. In the interview, your practitioner will take your detailed medical history, analyze your pulse, tongue, eye and skin. Your Ayurvedic practitioner may also ask you specific questions about your lifestyle, allergies and dietary habits. From the details we gather from you, using Ayurveda theory, we will diagnose your condition. We then suggest a treatment plan for your consideration and agreement.

Ayurvedic Treatments at Ayurwoman

Ayurveda therapy follows a range of non invasive herbal treatments. We are well equipped with personnel, equipments and products to conduct full range of Ayurveda treatments. We perform Panchakarma treatments, Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Vasthi, Udwarthanam, Nasya etc. to name a few. Details of the services and respective price are available in the Services page.

If you are looking for a specific treatment and that is not listed there, contact us via phone, mail or by completing the contact form and we will get back to you.

What is an Ayurvedic Diet

Since an ayurvedic diet is catalytic to any Ayurvedic treatment, you will receive a complete diet chart. This diet chart will suggest things be reduced or entirely avoided and also the ones to increase. Ayurvedic diet is not at all complex. Ayurvedic diet is that diet which is compatible with your body type or dosha type. While following an ayurvedic diet is important, it is also of utmost importance to avoid food that is incompatible with each other. Your Ayurvedic practitioner will explain all the details of Ayurvedic diet and food compatibility to you.

Your Ayurvedic treatment programs are tailored to your particular situation. No two individuals treatment plans may be similar. Treatment programs comprise ayurvedic herbal supplements and optionally ayurvedic treatments. Specific Ayurvedic treatments will be ayurvedic cleansing and therapeutic massages. Therapeutic massages will be with medicated traditional Ayurveda oils specific to your situation. In specific cases, procedures will include traditional Kerala Panchakarma therapy.

At the end of every consultation you will receive your Ayurvedic diet chart. If you require treatment, that will be a treatment plan and ayurvedic diet chart will be an important part of your treatment plan.


Ayurveda and Yoga

Ayurveda and yoga go hand in hand. In situations where we find that specific yoga exercises will speed up your recovery, we will suggest the specific yogic exercises for practicing at home. These recommendations may be a simple pranayama or other more complex routines based on your situation.

Ayurvedic Practitioner

Ayurveda is similar to Naturopathy from the East. Our Ayurvedic expert Jyothi holds a BAMS degree (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) from the renowned University of Kerala, India. After the formal University education, she worked as an Ayurvedic consultatnt under Ayurveda and traditional medicine gurus to attain more traditional and clinical experience. She has over 15 years of experience in special Ayurveda treatment protocols for a whole range of conditions and panchakarma.

Jyothi spent about five years as a Senior Ayurvedic Practitioner and performed advanced clinical works and research programs with the Global Ayu:care hospitals and research group. Their Ayurvedic and treatment spas function as a coherent division in modern hospitals in many regional towns of Kerala, in many states of India and also in Dubai global health city. She was the senior physician in Ayu:care’s Pain care and Women’s care division and was an active member of the Ayu:care research group CIM – Center for Indian Medicine. She has successfully helped numerous clients to achieve significant and lasting improvement to their health.

To know more about specific treatments, kindly visit pages designated to discuss them. Please feel free to go through our testimonials section to know some of the illnesses we have treated to the satisfaction of our customers.


Qualifications and Professional Accreditations

Accredited Member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)
Professional member of Ayurveda Association of Australia (AAA)
Professional member of AMAI
Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine (Kerala, India)

Ayurvedic Practitioner Melbourne