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Ayurveda is India’s natural medicine and is a complete holistic medical system that works to heal the sick, to maintain health in the healthy and improves general health in order to provide quality of life and longevity. Ayurveda believes an unhealthy mind can transfer its heat to a healthy body. Hence body and mind should be healthy to maintain the balance.

Ayurveda treatments

At Ayurwoman ayurveda clinic we provide specialist ayurveda treatments for Endometriosis, PCOS, Arthritis, Vitiligo, IBS, Psoriasis, lyme diseaseCervical spondylosiscarpal tunnel, Low back pain, Weight loss, Obesity, Mental health, Digestive complaints, thyroid problems, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Rejuvenation, ayurvedic skin care and ayurvedic cleanse and detoxification known as panchakarma.

Ayurvedic medicines and oils are selected based on individual body type after a thorough ayurvedic body type analysis or dosha analysis. On specific situations, your ayurveda practitioner may also recommend a panchakarma ayurvedic cleanse or an ayurvedic massage as an ayurvedic treatment with ayurvedic medicines and herbal oils.

Ayurvedic diet

An Ayurvedic diet is as important as ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda emphasizes more on a constitutional diet plan for individuals who would like to maintain their health. This could be more friendly and natural to ones body and mind. Regularly follow this constitution friendly diet for long lasting health benefits.

Ayurvedic Oil Massage – Abhyanga

Ayurvedic oil massage is known as Abhyanga. The principle underlying this method is essentially one of detoxification. Application of warm oil and massage on the body promotes better circulation and induces sweating. Medicinal properties of the oil are absorbed by the skin and they act as food and medicinal agents. This soft and oily massage itself has a marked soothing effect on the nervous system as a whole. It removes metabolic waste, reduce pain and swelling, improves complexion and texture of the skin

Ayurvedic treatments

Ayurwoman has experienced practitioners, therapists and yoga experts in Melbourne Victoria, who have mastered the art of various ayurveda treatments such as shirodhara, panchakarmaabhyanga, yoga and chakra healing.

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